Ryanair – Airline company




  • Low flight fares
  • Online Check-In
  • 37 Europe destinations
  • Periodical Super prices
  • Poorly trained staff
  • Constant sales during flight
  • Low maintained aircrafts
  • Often delays

Irish company Ryanair with main location in Dublin, Ireland. From very beginning company is considered as low fare flight company. It operates only in Europe by covering 37 destinations. Air fleet contains Boeing 737 and few airbus aircraft’s.  Company provides online check-in and most of bookings are non-refundable and not exchangeable. 

If tickets are ordered a good time before the flight date it is good chance to get an extremely cheap fare for flight. But because of low price quality is suffering badly. At Eastern Europe airports there are no plane boarding tunnels provided and passengers are forced to walk outside to airfield so they could board. Service level is lower than expected as crew members are not well trained and seem to be from 3rd world countries. English language skills are not as good as they should be for quality airlines company. During the flight, it reminds of a flying train. As on 3 hours, flight airline crew is cruising through the aisle back and forth offering different items for sale.  In the beginning, there are offers of food and beverages, which is ok in most airlines. After that, seatbelt light is been switched off and passengers are allowed to remove seat belts. Crew members start to offer perfume products, electronics products, and household items for sale. As that part is over, right after seatbelt sign is turned back on and one of the crew members gives advertisement over the intercom about latest sales and discounts, by the way of advertising he/she is reminding that seatbelt sign is on and passengers should return to their seats. As soon as everybody is back to their seats the Ryanair crew offers lottery tickets with the same discount offer every time. They state that it is possible to win 1 million euros, new car, and many more prices. And that most of the income from the lottery will be donated to children charity, but never have been told about which charity and what purpose it will be.
As not to publish a review based on only one flight experience we got 10 different flights to different locations. Experience in all flights was the same.

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  • Service quality3
  • Staff compitence5
  • Safety 8
  • Comfort 4
  • Destinations 6
  • 5.2


    As ticket fares are cheap, a different type of people is using this airline. If the flight is connected to Eastern Europe, quite often chance is to meet good drunk lads. Other than that it is low quality flying sales train as all the way you will get offered overpriced Poundland food, perfume, and electronics, doggy lottery tickets. Would not recommend this airline unless cheap prices and overpriced food with low service is your wish for the day.
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