Lufthansa – Airline company




  • Working since 1953
  • Customer service available in multiple countries
  • Serving Europe and Atlantic regions
  • No known long term issues
  • Expensive on prices
  • Few charter flights
  • Almost no "last minute" flights

Germany based and operated with 51% of German government support.  Europe is main service area of Lufthansa. Fleet contains Airbus and Boeing aircraft’s. As German punctuality requests timing is very important in this company. Working since 1953.

To get most objective experience we choose Lufthansa for 6 different flights. All of the flights had connection flights in Frankfurt International airport. As for first flight we choose to travel from Riga International Airport to Dublin. Only possible offered times where only morning, no matter what day chosen. Company provided decent Airbus plane with nice and very pleasant staff members. 3 people crew and two pilots. First thing came across is that all staff members are well trained and have advanced knowledge of English language. Even that Economic flight was chosen on board staff served free coffee and snacks to every customer. No direct sales or any other interactions with passengers from staff. Only in case passengers call for staff. Time to time flight information was announced. 
Out of all flights we have taken with Lufthansa none had any bad experience. 
Some baggage is included, and most of planes have Wi-Fi available.

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  • Service quality8
  • Staff compitence9
  • Safety 9
  • Comfort 9
  • Destinations 8
  • 8.6


    If you would like to have common and relaxed flight to your destination in Europe, then this would be one of the airline companies to consider. As prices might be not cheap , but old school service level will give you the best feeling of exclusive travel even if you are traveling economy class.
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Overall i had first and last experience with this company. I had flight from LHR to RIX, NR LH829. Even that outside was fantastic weather and overall rest of flights where movin as by schedule. My connection flight was cancelled 1 hr before. FRA->RIX.
I had to wait for 24 hrs for the next flight


I had the same experiance in Frankfurt airport. My flight was canceled and it was placed to next day. Next days flight was also cancelled. And when i went to service point. The guy just took my passport threw it in my face and told me not to waste his time with my problems. But that even i was not offered a hotel or place to stay. So there was no actual normal human behaviour. Just piss off and thats all.


I have only good feelings about this airline. Have taken more than 2 years of close business with them. A+


My last experience with this company was not good. In a 9 hours flight, I got old food and got poisoning with which I struggled for a week. The company seems to be losing the high quality