Castle Leslie Estate, Glaslough, Ireland


One of most romantic places. Views are incredible and placement could not be better.

Castle Leslie Estate in County Monaghan is nestled on 1,000 acres of undulating Irish countryside, dotted with ancient woodland and glittering lakes. It is one of the last great Irish Castle estates still in the hands of its founding family. Since the 1660s the distinguished and somewhat individual Leslie family have lived on the Estate. They have welcomed everyone from politicians to poets, ambassadors to ufologists to world renowned celebrities.

Castle Leslie Estate is now truly one of the finest luxury estates in Ireland. Following significant investment and a major restoration programme over the last two decades, it is waiting to be discovered by you. Castle Leslie Estate is just 80 minutes from Dublin and 60 minutes from Belfast, yet a millions miles from anywhere!

Most romantic places team have visited. Breathtaking landscapes, and castle itself will bring you right back in history. Atmosphere is with no doubt most romantic and calming. Would highly recommend to visit this place over summer time. Weather is dynamically changing over day. At some moments it can be sunny and after few hours it is a chance to get under raining showers. Even when catched by showers and staying in room the atmosphere in this hotel gives the best emotional experience.
Even that hotel rooms are modern design, but still some of history is there.
If anyone would like to have romantic breakout with partner. This hotel is place to be. It most definitely will bring you most romantic and breathtaking experience.
There are ghost stories found and told about this place been haunted and there is even locals whom tell stories that ghosts of WW1 have been sighted. But as by staying in this hotel, there is not even a feeling of any thing ghostly.

If take away all of romance and landview. Another thing that stands out is remarkable service level. Outstanding hospitality and not faked smile gives the best of feeling. Even in most uncommon situations we brought to them, the personal was most helpful.
To keep up with all the rest of positive atmosphere and service level, food service could be better. And by better we would recommend to hotel owners use more imagination on food as for now it is the same way and style as in most of hotels over the world.



  • Destination Country8
  • Service quality9
  • Pricing9
  • Location10
  • As advertised by owners10
  • 9.2


    We would highly recommend this place to anyone whom would like to have a break in romantic and beautiful place in this side of the globe. Prices are lower than firstly expected. The views are fantastic, atmosphere brilliant and will bring only the best and positive emotions to any visitor without any doubt.
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