Adare Manor , Ireland


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  • Breathtaking romance
  • High service quality
  • Public transportation
  • Stable free Wi-Fi
  • Reservation must be placed well before time
  • Expensive

Adare Manor borrows its name from the nearby village of Adare, beloved for its delightful thatched roof cottages, lively pubs, and antique shops. Sitting on the banks of the River Maigue, Adare overlooks the fording point from which the village derives its name: Ath-Dara meaning ‘The Ford of the Oak’.

The plans for the Manor House as it exists today were begun in 1832. Until then, the 2nd Earl of Dunraven and his wife, Lady Caroline Wyndham.

This place will bring you right back to 17th century. As soon you arrive you will travel back in time. You practically will be able to feel it on your skin. Place is true castle. With full joy we can title it as one of most romantic places in Europe. Besides fantastic views, nature surroundings and most fantastic staff, you will find good food, high quality service and at the very end you will find that you don’t want to leave the place. If you get the chance and good weather, you can bring even more positive feelings by golfing or just having relaxing walk in castle garden.

Rooms are decorated accordingly and will bring the feeling to sit down by the window and read a good book, while drinking good old whisky. If you ever had a wish to spend a romantic care free days in castle this place will not let you down. 

As even if you arrive with your children, they most defiantly will feel themselves as traveled to Harry Porter movie. 

Highly trained and very sympathetic staff will gladly help you on any occasion that might appear. Would it be to get red rose or bottle of wine to your room. To most common things, like wall adapters. Staff is truly helpful. And in every way you will get the feeling that you are welcomed.

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  • Destination Country9
  • Service quality10
  • Pricing9
  • Location10
  • As advertised by owners10
  • 9.6


    We would call it one of most romantic places in Europe. Great views and feeling of 17th century will give you shivers. Breathtaking place without no doubt.
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