Ruthin Castle Hotel, North Wales


Hotel with just a ghost story.

Dating back to the 13th century, this castle in North Wales houses an upscale spa and luxurious guest rooms; it even hosts glorious medieval feasts. It also happens to be home to terrifying dungeons, a drowning pool, whipping pit, and unexplained eerie noises. Turns out, the property has witnessed some disturbing murders in the past. While visiting, be on the lookout for the ghost of Lady Grey. According to legend, she was sentenced to death after murdering her husband’s mistress, and has haunted the castle ever since.


  • Destination Country8
  • Service quality5
  • Pricing2
  • Location4
  • As advertised by owners6
  • 5


    As many stories goes around about this haunted castle. But there is no reliable testimonies about any sort of ghosts or paranormal activity in this Hotel. It is fully available for booking and travelers. As for service and stay. Nothing out of ordinary. Casual stay only. If looking for any ghostly experience then this is not the place.
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