Jamaica Inn, Cornwall, England


Working Hotel in England. Marked as one of most haunted places that still have people in it.

Jamaica Inn was built in the late 18th century and was made famous by the Daphne du Maurier novel of the same name, it is now synonymous with smugglers and wreckers, and it is reputed to be one of the most haunted places in the UK.

Many people staying have reported strange incidents occurring usually at night. Popular TV programme ‘Most Haunted’ featured Jamaica Inn in what they said was one of the spookiest episodes they had ever recorded!

The British Paranormal Association have made in-depth investigations and compiled a report based on their findings and awarded the Inn an official stamp of approval for being a genuine haunted establishment!  The areas of substantial interest in the investigation were the Smugglers’ Bar, former Stable Bar (now the museum), old generator room (now the Hotel Reception), the original bedrooms, Pedlar’s restaurant, Gift Shop and the stable’s attic.

There have been frequent reports of shadowy figures appearing in bedrooms at night. The ghostly sound of horses hooves on the cobbled stones outside has often been heard. Voices have been heard speaking in the bar area in an unrecognizable language when all is quiet and everybody is in bed. It is also said that there is a figure of a highwayman who has been seen to passes through solid walls on moonless nights.

To anyone who loves the good ghost story in place where it seems to be ghostly this place sure should be on to visit list.
Atmosphere is nice and comfy. All of the place is kept old fashioned. Wooden decorations, old furniture and paintings gives some atmosphere. Service is very good and welcoming. Staff is gives the feeling that you are truly welcomed. While sitting in bar you will be able to enjoy local bear and have deep conversations with locals about ghost stories. As most of any one the locals love to tell ghost stories and sights that revolves around the hotel.
But the whole nice atmosphere can disappear as soon sun sets. As if thinking about ghosts and believe stories just have heard. Than some surrounding sounds might remind of paranormal activity (if believed in such.)



  • Destination Country8
  • Service quality8
  • Pricing6
  • Location5
  • As advertised by owners7
  • 6.8


    Nice and lovely place to spend the night or two. Location and surroundings could be better as there is not much of sight seeing. But hotel and atmosphere around it will keep you entertained for evening or two. While sitting in Hotel bar and having most interesting conversations about ghosts and paranormal activity in this place. For ghost hunters and paranormal activity lovers this should be the place on visit list.
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