Bran Castle,Brasov, Romania


Legendary place to visit. Count dracula palace. Pearl of Romania.

Legendary place. The very house of count Vlad Dracula. We believe there is no point of explaining what stories comes around count Dracula. The very person whom was believed to be a vampire. Local residents still believe that count Dracula is not dead, but still living somewhere in his castle. Castle history goes as far as 1211. Lived through medieval era right to these days. The place is filled with most different true historical events. Executions, Witch hunt, people torture, and human remains whom is buried mostly everywhere in that area.

As soon arrived at the destination, you will be able to feel chilling atmosphere of mystery. You will find yourself in very history itself. Every wall, every small village road will give you the feeling of unknown. Majestic of castle is most scary yet appealing. Tours are provided. As you go through tour, you will dive deep into time of count Dracula. At some point you will be able to get the feeling that you actually go through this time frame in history.  Where mistic was real, where price for human life was absolutely none.



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    Legendary place we believe everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime. Without a single doubt Count Dracula presence is still there. Destination will bring most various emotions from scare to most romance. If visited the place best to get guided tour, that will be fastest route to load yourself into medieval era and mythic world of Count Dracula.
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