Ratings and Reviews


HonestScope.co.uk  is part of LeoTom global team. Our mission and goal is to provide objective and trustworthy information about companies, services, travel destinations and many more.

As to do so, we are testing every reviewed service and product our selves. To keep a more objective point of view when reviewing we take in to count all possible aspects of the object of interest including “Human factor”. We look not only into our personal experience, but we look into other peoples experience with certain service or product. After the first review, we establish a period of time after which object will be reviewed and its rating will be renewed:

  • Products and services – 6-12 months time
  • Travel destinations, hotels, and transportation companies – 12-24 months
  • Web services – on demand or application

As to keep more objective reviews, when using service, purchase products or traveling. None of our agents do introduce themselves as HonestScope.co.uk agent. Therefore we keep a low profile, that we could see the actual picture and get experience as a casual customer, buyer or traveler.

We will always keep honest review policy, and therefore we are against any type of corruption, would it be gifts, complimentary or financial. Any company which would try to engage a corruptive way to receive positive review will be reviewed with the lowest rating and placed in the blacklist for 12 months period.

When a review is finished, edited and published it is final until planed review renewal. Any company, product owner or any other person who might have objections regarding published material is eligible to file an appeal letter with a detailed description of an objection including circumstances or facts which were not taken into count when a review was processed. An appeal will be viewed within 48-72 hours and a reply will be sent to the person by e-mail.
To file an appeal please send an e-mail to appeal@honestscope.co.uk

All published material is considered as personal opinion and legally is protected by  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in Paris on 10 December 1948, General Assembly resolution 217 A.


  1. When creating reviews information is gathered from all sorts of possible sources, including already published materials. In such way, we get first objective information and process it to view historical peoples experience with service, product or object of interest.
  2. Depending on what type of review is processed, the actual product is purchased, service used or destination traveled.
  3. Detailed and objective service review draft is made.
  4. General guidelines when creating review draft:4.1 If a product is an object of interest:

    Country of manufacture                       Visual aspects of product
    Year and age of the product                 Usability
    Technical specification