Novatek K6000 DVR


Low price DVR Car camera. Made in China. Popular on sales, mostly because of price.

DVR 1080p Car camera. Made in China. At 2017 and 2018 is quite a sold product. Biggest sales made through aliexpress. DVR is positioned as 1080 Full HD camera, with 30 and 60FPS. Lightweight and durable. Required microSD card. Comes with build in battery, auto Mini USB charger and front window holder.

Few test orders where made with aliexpress, dhgate and ebay. Received the same product from all suppliers. Timing differs and depends on country where to shipment is provided.
Product comes with bad quality retail box. DVR is light and plastic. When turned on default language set to Chinese. So at that point it required some time to guess where in the menu should be “change the language”. Camera tests show, that 1080p is far from reality. Image quality is poor more comes to 2 mpix old standard camera. Disappointing that 30/60 FPS are only as promise from sellers. Test recordings were made during day time and night time. When reviewed on Windows 7 machine recordings appeared to be low quality and framerate was lower than realtime 24fps so images where missing out. Despite that all of sellers pointed out existence of night vision tests showed that there is no use from such DVR during night time.

  • Low price
  • Low quality image
  • Low battery life (about 15 minutes)
  • Night vision useless




  • Design9
  • Quality2
  • As described by seller3
  • Functionality6
  • Quality for price5
  • 5


    Quality in this case is the price you pay. Night vision is out of question. Image quality is not as good it should be on 1080 Full HD. Recommended to buy only in the case if used for motion recordings or short drives. Otherwise it will disappoint any serious buyer.
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