233 is Spain based and worldwide trading B2B wholesaler. With more than 10 years of wholesale experience. Wholesaler provides different kinds of electronics, mobile electronics, wearables and household items the same as a small kitchen and house appliances.
Mostly less known brand items are offered on a website. Wholesaler provides Paypal payment method as secure payment option the same as card payments.
As for shipping, different logistics solutions are provided DPD, DHL, ITELLA, and others. Shipping to Europe is mostly 2-5 days from point of order down to receiving the item.

For test purposes, we placed 10 orders. No disputes all 10 orders arrived on time and in a condition that was expected. Some problems in communication with staff where found, as email replies can take up to 24 hrs time. As in our view, BigBuy delivered every promise there was made.
As before ordering, we made small price research and found that prices are mostly the same as for retail. Price drop can only be expected if order quantity is raised to 3 and more of 1 particular item.

  • EU based wholesaler, therefore, no additional customs charge expected on arrival
  • PayPal is in use, buyer protection eligible
  • Multilanguage website
  • Great variety of products provided
  • An automated drop shipping system provided
  • High shipping charges. Not reasonable to order just 1 item
  • Some items are found in China market
  • Out of Stock items published on site
  • Working only as a B2B wholesaler. No consumer orders are accepted.

If you are an owner of drop shipping business this wholesaler should be on your list as a potential partner. BigBuy has created automated drop shipping system, wholesale deals, a variety of logistics solutions. As for payment, Paypal is in use, such way buyer protection is provided and the dispute can be opened.

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  • Buyer protection8
  • Logistics solutions9
  • Communication with seler6
  • Return policy7
  • Good orders out of 1010
  • 8


    DHGate is a great place to reach out for new products for your dropshipping business. If you are interested in China-manufactured products and fast delivery. This place is one to get signed up. Customer coupons, promotions, and other goods provided. Great buyer protection program.
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