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With 19 major airport locations across the US, Fox Rent-A-Car offers the consumer the same selection of foreign and domestic vehicles at a significant discount from the larger rental operators in the market. As the 21st century traveler becomes more discerning and cost-conscious, the Fox brand will continue to gain acceptance and a loyal following, founded on the principle of consistently offering value and superior service to the customer.

Fox Rent-A-Car, Inc. is a privately-owned and operated C corporation, based in Los Angeles, California.

Company actually is located in US. But style of work is very well made and service is provided world wide. We looked into service provided in Ireland, Dublin airport. It is nice to see, that company provided online reservation, and accepts orders placed for same day. Car quality is one of the best, as cars provided seem to be as new. Clean and in best technical condition. Company provided more than few possible rental options, terms and price ranges. You must love the given chance to pickup car at one spot and return it to another. That sort of service is provided in good rental companies.  


What to look out for?

  • Wide price range rentals
  • Cars in perfect condition
  • Reward system
  • On Road support
  • High serving capacity
  • International service provider
  • Fully insured cars
  • Business with good history
  • Long term business options
  • Online reservation provided
  • Live online support provided
  • Strict customer requirements


  • Price range9
  • Technical quality10
  • Technical support9
  • Customer service quality9
  • Accessibility 8
  • 9


    Overall view to company leaves the best impression. International high-level service provided. Wide range on pricing. An even wider range of cars provided. Online booking, reservation and payment options. Perfect car technical condition.
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I have used this website. It is best way to get a car.